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Since 2000

RESIDENTIAL SALES - Auction, Private Treaty, Expressions of Interest, For Sale by Tender, to Downsizing

As you can see residential sales can be handled in many ways.
The sales agent will be able to advise you on the best method of sale, there will be variables and the agent will give you all the options.
The main thing to remember is you can’t sell a secret; the aim is to get the property out there in the marketplace without spending a fortune! But you will need to invest in your home not let the Agent take a mortgage by offering free marketing, this is a trap to be wary of.
If the home takes a little longer to achieve your price the last thing you need is the Agent standing over you and telling you to lower the asking price. Our Agency does offer an amount of free advertising just not the big ticket essential items.    

COMMERCIAL SALES -  Auction, Private Treaty, Expressions of Interest, For Sale by Tender

Commercial sales are different in that they are mainly handled from Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.
Our office differs in that we don’t turn the phone off..!! We are here to sell your property whatever time of the day or day of the week.
Re/Max Local realtors always does that little bit extra! That’s what helps us stand out from the other Agencies. 

BUSINESS SALES - Auction, Private Treaty, Expressions of Interest, For Sale by Tender

Business Sales again differ from the above again whereas each Business is different even if it is the same type of service it's usually the people behind the Business that govern the prosperity, so the Agent can help you present the Business in the way that hopefully will achieve the best price in the shortest time frame.
You might have the Dental Surgery or the Doctors Practice, the Local IGA Store, The local Hotel, Florist Shop, Post Office, Newsagent, ETC:
Our Team will be able to handle them all, they are all different but the basic selling principals are the same.   


Our Sales appraisals are done professionally using our local knowledge and the latest technology available to Agents as well as expertise in a diverse background of skills that enable our Team to look at those extras and renovations and appraise accordingly.


Our Principal has a portfolio of investment properties of his own and knows the needs and requirements of the investor to get the best out of and to keep the investments as an asset, not a liability.

PROPERTY MANAGEMENT - Residential Leasing, Commercial Leasing

We can offer you peace of mind as we give you our undertaking that we will treat your property as if it were our own.
We will achieve the best possible rental return.
Source the best tenants.
Advertise the home at a suitable time when that working tenant can attend the property.
One on one inspections for that personal but all-important meeting to establish a good working rapport.
A good tenant paying the rent on time and looking after your property is crucial for that long-term investment.
Minimum or no downtime between tenants.
We aim to have tenants out and a new tenant moving straight in by communicating with the parties and getting the basics done on time.



The above three types of sales are all identical in the method used to sell and market just the heading is different. 
We always recommend Auction in the above circumstances, the reason for this is that there are often parties that could be in dispute and if the property is Auctioned and done as per the legislation there can be no inference of impropriety at all. Even if the home doesn’t sell under the hammer you can always say that it was done right if one party or a family member wants to buy they just need to put their hand up at Auction and bid the same as everyone else.  
If your home falls into the above bracket, please read this carefully. 

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